65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Math!
These fun mysteries are each one minute long and have a unique twist. Buy a set of 10 books for $99.95.
101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math
This book is perfect for kids, parents, educators, and anyone interested in the difference between an Olympic event score of 9.0 and Richter scale score of 9.0.

N. Levy M. Zev K. Segal
Count Me In! K-5 Including Learners with Special Needs in Mathematics Classrooms
Judy Storeygard , Karen Karp
Brain-Compatible Mathematics <font size="3" color="  lime">new</font>
Diane Ronis
RTI in Math - Practical Guidelines for Elementary Teachers
William N. Bender, Darlene Crane
Teaching the Common Core Math Standards Grades 3-5
Helping teachers prepare elementary students to master the common core math standards with hands-on-activities. By Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla, Erin Muschla-Berry
Hands-On math Projects with Real-Life Applications Grades 3-5
Each easy-to-implement project includes background information for the teacher, project goals, math skills needed, a student guide with tips and strategies, and reproducible worksheets. J.Muschla, G.R.Muschla, E.Muschla
Math Projects  Grades 6-12
Hands-On Math Projects with Real-Life Applications, Second Edition offers an exciting collection of 60 hands-on projects to help students in grades 6--12 apply math concepts and skills to solving everyday, real-life problems! J. Muschla, G.R. Muschla
Math Puzzles and Brainteasers GRADES 3-5
Number puzzles, spatial/visual puzzles, cryptograms, Sudoku, Kokuro, logic puzzles, and word games like Frame Games are all a great way to teach math and problem-solving skills to elementary and middle school students.
Math Puzzles and Brainteasers GRADES 3-5 MPBT3-5
Math Puzzles and Brainteasers
Grades 6-8 : over 300 Puzzles that Teach Math and Problem-Solving Skills
Math Puzzles and Brainteasers MPB6-8
Mega-Fun  Math Games and Puzzles
For the Elementary grades: 125 Ready-to-Use Activities
Mega-Fun Math Games and Puzzles MGP
Math Starters!
5 to 10 Minute Activities aligned with the Common Core Math Standards. 2nd edition Judith Muschla & Gary Muschla
Magical Math Book
by Bob Longe
Math Wise! Grades K-8
A fun, easy-to-implement collection of activities that give elementary and middle-school students a real understanding of key math concepts. J.Overholt, L.Kincheloe
Supporting Mathematical Learning K-5
Expert guidance on improving teaching and learning in elementary math. J.Picone-Zocchia & G.O.Martin-Kniep
Math Smart ! Grades 6-12
A super collection of 222 reproducible activity sheets to stimulate and challenge your students in all areas of math. G. Muschla J. Muschla
Eureka Math Study Guide: A Story of Units, Grade K
Grade K
Eureka Math Study Guide: A Story of Units, Grade 1
Eureka Math Curriculum Guide: A Story of Units, Grade 2
Eureka Math Study Guide: A Story of Units, Grade 3, Educator Edition
Eureka Math Study Guide: A Story of Units, Grade 4, Educator Edition
Eureka Math Study Guide: A Story of Units, Grade 5, Educator Edition
100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know about Math and the Arts
John Barrow
Brain-Compatible Mathematics
Diane Ronis
Marvelous Math Projects
Increase Math achievement the Fun Way for grades 1 to 5.